The Forge

forge at shinglekill.jpg

This dilapidated building was recently purchased by the Lamanec family. The property was at one time owned by Great Great Aunt Etta when the Catskill region was in its heyday. It is our aspiration to renovate the building back to its original glory, utilizing the space as a catering hall and Inn.

Watch this space. . . we'll keep you posted with our progress!


Project Goals & Objectives

We intend to renovate the building in a manner respectful of its historical splendor, integrating green building techniques wherever feasible.  The space will contain a commercial kitchen, dining hall, bar area, museum lounge, six to eight guest rooms, outside seating and a spa.

 The upper lawn will have space for a large outdoor tent, parking, gardens and walkways.  It will be tastefully integrated into the adjacent property of Shinglekill Falls Bed & Breakfast and Grist Mill with viewing areas for Shinglekill Falls.

The capability to convert to a full time restaurant will be built into the space. However, the initial intention is to operate as a destination wedding and special events venue.

History of The Forge

 For decades the property located on Mountain Avenue in front of Shinglekill Falls Gristmill and B&B on the easterly side of the bridge spanning the Shinglekill creek has been an eyesore. The property has been vacant for so long there is no postal address of record. While its prior owner began renovations they were slow going and often abandoned for other projects.  Given the proximity to Shinglekill Falls Grist Mill and B&B, as well as the family history attached to this property, the Lamanec Family purchased the property in 2014.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a beautiful, historical and environmentally conscious commercial space for special event venues.  This project will enrich our community both culturally and economically.